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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making time when there seems to be none!

QUESTION to all you writers out there... where DO you find the time?!  I recently saw some writing contests online and mulled over whether I should enter, but I just knew there was no time!  No time -- not even if I had a month -- do I think I could sit and write out a full length story.  Frustration at its finest moment. 

The opportunities I've gotten with Angel Zapata's 5x5 fiction has changed my world!  It hollers at my soul's longing to write with a boisterous, "You did it!  You completed a story!" 

True, this microfiction is only 25 words long, but I did do it; I completed the tales!  I am eager to see the next edition, to see what other mini-tales have been produced from other thinking minds across the world.   Yet still, I find myself jealous that other busy people have been able to create 100 words, 100 pages, or even 100 stories!  This is what I wish for.  Between the mundane at work and the vegetative state I fall into at home, I simply must find a middle ground.  One that comes complete with a pen, writing paper, and a fine, sturdy desk to create masterpieces on.  Where shall I find this plane of existence?  For now, in my dreams alone.

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