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Friday, June 10, 2011

5 x 5 Fiction... SPOTLIGHT!

At the behest of flash fiction extraordinaire Angel Zapata, I have decided to make my blog public!  I haven't written anything since I started it six months ago, mostly because life was keeping me busy.  But everyone is busy.  No one will stop being busy either, so I might as well make room for the blog in my life. 

I entered Angel's 5 x 5 fiction contest at the end of last year (http://5x5fiction.blogspot.com/).  The contest challenges authors to write a complete story consisting of 5 5-word sentences.  Much to my delight, my story "Classy" (one of the first I've ever written) was picked for Volume 1!  I was honored -- actually, I still am -- since I've never entered any public writing contests before!  I have been writing-curious for years now and started googling writers and contests and stumbled upon 5 x 5 in my "travels".  Actually the little stories whet my appetite for more!  I hope to begin writing stories with more than 25 words in them very soon.  Anyhow, I recently entered three more stories for Volume 2 and happily, I was selected again!  Two of my 5 sentence stories, "Captive" and "Confession" made it in, with "Confession" being in the spotlight!!  Sweet.  It's all I can say.  (Besides "Thank you Angel!")

Please feel free to friend my blog!  Oh, and just in case you were wondering, not all of my stories begin with "C" -- just the ones that were picked!