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Below you will find the inner workings of this curious mind. Perhaps you will identify. Perhaps you will leave completely baffled.
Either way, enjoy.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making time when there seems to be none!

QUESTION to all you writers out there... where DO you find the time?!  I recently saw some writing contests online and mulled over whether I should enter, but I just knew there was no time!  No time -- not even if I had a month -- do I think I could sit and write out a full length story.  Frustration at its finest moment. 

The opportunities I've gotten with Angel Zapata's 5x5 fiction has changed my world!  It hollers at my soul's longing to write with a boisterous, "You did it!  You completed a story!" 

True, this microfiction is only 25 words long, but I did do it; I completed the tales!  I am eager to see the next edition, to see what other mini-tales have been produced from other thinking minds across the world.   Yet still, I find myself jealous that other busy people have been able to create 100 words, 100 pages, or even 100 stories!  This is what I wish for.  Between the mundane at work and the vegetative state I fall into at home, I simply must find a middle ground.  One that comes complete with a pen, writing paper, and a fine, sturdy desk to create masterpieces on.  Where shall I find this plane of existence?  For now, in my dreams alone.

Friday, June 10, 2011

5 x 5 Fiction... SPOTLIGHT!

At the behest of flash fiction extraordinaire Angel Zapata, I have decided to make my blog public!  I haven't written anything since I started it six months ago, mostly because life was keeping me busy.  But everyone is busy.  No one will stop being busy either, so I might as well make room for the blog in my life. 

I entered Angel's 5 x 5 fiction contest at the end of last year (http://5x5fiction.blogspot.com/).  The contest challenges authors to write a complete story consisting of 5 5-word sentences.  Much to my delight, my story "Classy" (one of the first I've ever written) was picked for Volume 1!  I was honored -- actually, I still am -- since I've never entered any public writing contests before!  I have been writing-curious for years now and started googling writers and contests and stumbled upon 5 x 5 in my "travels".  Actually the little stories whet my appetite for more!  I hope to begin writing stories with more than 25 words in them very soon.  Anyhow, I recently entered three more stories for Volume 2 and happily, I was selected again!  Two of my 5 sentence stories, "Captive" and "Confession" made it in, with "Confession" being in the spotlight!!  Sweet.  It's all I can say.  (Besides "Thank you Angel!")

Please feel free to friend my blog!  Oh, and just in case you were wondering, not all of my stories begin with "C" -- just the ones that were picked!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Beginning

I've decided to start a blog.  Will anyone ever follow it?  Who knows.  My life is actually kind of boring.  But that's only because I keep most of my thoughts to myself.  Ah, if anyone were to ever see the inner workings of my mind.  Some friends would laugh hysterically, others might shoot me dirty looks.  Family would probably drop their mouths in shock.  Strangers, they'd just stare.  Oh, and I'd probably get fired. 

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm no Negative Nelly.  Actually, I can't stand people who walk around with dark clouds over their heads.  For some reason they always want to pull you under it too, and you usually left your umbrella at home.  No, I'm definitely not one of them.  But I do tell it like it is.  (Or rather, think it like it is.)  And one thing I've learned in life, most people don't really like reality checks.  I don't blame them either, having experienced some gigantic smacks from life myself.  But man, am I grateful that I'm not fake.  Who could live like that?  A lot of people, apparently. 

So how 'bout you?  Can you take the realness in all its glory, or would you rather take some fake on a roll?  I myself think if it will help someone, be real!  But man, can you say it nicely?!